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Captain PURU

The adventures of 



PURU and his crew are mascot for the PURU Transgascogne Sailing Race

Captain PURU is passionate about natural personal health and sustainability. He is on a mission through his adventures to help people live more natural lives through better personal care and environmental consciousness. 


Hi, I'm Sylvain the creator behind the character Captain PURU and PURU Suisse the 100% natural personal care brand on a mission to educate entertainingly the benefits of 100% natural personal care. I grew up on an organic macro-biotic diet in London in the 80s and moved to Zürich with my family in 2015. I initially found it challenging to find truly natural products in Switzerland, so I started making my own. This lead to the opportunity to found PURU Suisse in 2018 who now has ISO certified production facilities in Europe making the best 100% natural products for its loyal customer base. 

100% Natural Sunscreen

PURU only uses the safest certified sun block ingredient in its sunscreens that is best for personal health and Environment. 

Swiss Mountain Battle Tested



The latest stories and teasers and read along as he sails the open sea for an adventure with his mateys ...  

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