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The Race

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

A small sailboat bobs on the waves. PURU, a pudgy penguin sailor with a sailor hat, purple skin, and a small blue t-shirt, leans over the side of the boat, peering into the water. The sun beats down on him, and the sound of seagulls fills the air.

PURU (V.O.): Ah, the open sea. There's nothing quite like it.

He spots something in the water and reaches over to grab it. It's a bottle with a phone inside.

The Phone

PURU (excitedly): Hey, look at this!

He opens the bottle and pulls out the phone.

PURU (reading): "To whoever finds this phone, follow the coordinates inside to a great treasure."

PURU: A treasure, huh? Well, I'm always up for an adventure.

He turns to his trusty sailboat and begins to steer it in the direction of the coordinates.

PURU (V.O.): Little did he know, this was just the beginning of a great journey.



PURU is steering the boat, his eyes fixed on the horizon. Suddenly, he hears a sound.

PURU: What was that?

He turns to see three other penguins in pirate hats approaching in their 3 smaller boats.

They're PUDGY PENGUIN BenYorke.eth (#8525) , LIL PUDGYDAILY.eth (#16065), and CryptoPiplup.eth (#3483).

PURU: Ahoy there, mateys! What brings you to these waters?

Ben (PUDGY PENGUIN #8525): We're on a mission to cross the seas together as fellow pudgy pirates across to the European seas.

Daily (LIL PUDGY #16065): And we heard there might be great treasure.

Piplup (PUDGY PENGUIN #3483): Plus, we're all experienced sailors. I know these waters like the back of ma flippers.

PURU: (impressed) Well, I could certainly use an adventure. Let’s all sail together frens

The pudgy penguins all introduce themselves to each other and its clear they are going to be great friends.

PURU then says he may have a clue where the treasure may be and shows them the coordinates on the phone…

Off they set together towards the coordinates.

Chapter 2:



The sailboats continue their journey, cutting through the waves. The pudgy penguins are in high spirits, chatting and laughing as they sail.

PURU (V.O.): It felt good to have some company on this adventure. And who knows? Maybe we'll find that treasure together.

Suddenly, they hear a loud noise coming from the water. They look over the side of the boats to see a pod of dolphins swimming alongside them.

PURU: (amazed) Wow, look at that! Dolphins!

Ben: (smiling) They're always a good sign.

The pudgy penguins continue to sail, following the coordinates on the phone. As they get closer, they see a small island in the distance.

PURU: (pointing) Look, there it is! That must be where the treasure is.

Daily: (excitedly) Let's go check it out!

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