The truth about natural cosmetics

It’s ‘organic’ so it must be natural, right ?

Actually not necessarily, there’s a lot of confusion about what exactly is meant by the term ‘natural’ when it comes to cosmetics. If a soap is handmade or whether some beautiful landscapes are on the packaging, it doesn’t tell you much about what ingredients it contains. Nor does it really help to navigate yourself in the world of natural cosmetics – where almost everything is advertised as being natural or containing herbal substances. Let’s talk about some of the biggest topics that comes to most people’s mind when it comes to natural cosmetics.

“Is natural less effective?”

NO, natural products being less effective is a great misconception. Cosmetic products containing artificial ingredients can often work even faster and appear to be more effective precisely because some of their ingredients have been synthetically developed for this purpose. Many people believe they have found the perfect miracle in more natural looking cosmetics that still have chemical ingredients. However, in many cases these formulations are only a temporary symptomatic treatment. 100% natural cosmetics however contain only ingredients coming from nature that are not artificially produced from a lab so the result can be truly lasting.

“DIY Products?”

In addition, natural does not necessarily mean that we use the raw materials as they are found in nature.

The production of oils and concentrates requires expertise and technology. PURU has great ‘quality control’, which also helps determine whether a natural ingredient is free from harmful substances that could have been contaminated. There can be good natural ingredients and bad natural ingredients and PURU always ensures we only select the finest ingredients so that our skincare products are even better for you.

At PURU, your health is our main priority so when we say our products are natural, we mean it. You can learn more about our ingredients here.