The Power of Seed Oils

Have you harnessed the power of seed oils yet? If not, why not? Seed oils are packed with antioxidants and nutrients and really are nature’s little secret. If you want to keep looking young and beautiful, then seed oils are the answer. PURU uses only hand-pressed organic seed oils of the highest quality for maximum … Read more

Is your deodorant Aluminium-free?

Why is aluminium used in antiperspirants? Aluminium is contained in many antiperspirant deodorants and they stop you sweating by blocking your pores. Your body needs to sweat to cool down so blocking the pores in your armpits is restricting a natural bodily function. Interfering with nature is generally a bad idea. Dangers of Aluminium Exposure … Read more

Top 5 Natural Anti-aging tips

Natural anti-aging remedies actually make a difference to your skin. Nasty Chemicals in most anti-aging serums can actually cause damage to your skin over the long term. PURETERNIA Ant aging Facial Serum and Eye Serum contain no chemicals, are 100% vegan and really work. Our customers love our products. Use a 100% natural and vegan … Read more

Shea The Tree of Life

Shea butter is one of the most versatile 100% natural body care ingredients. It is a superfood for skin and is found as a base in many of PURU products. It comes from the seed of the fruit of the ancient African Shea or Karite tree and this is where all PURU Shea Butter is … Read more

The Power of Seed Oils for your skin

100% Natural Body Butter with seed oils contains: Chia Seeds, Linseeds, Sesame Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Jojoba Seeds, Raspberry Seeds, Elderberry Seeds, and Baobab seed oils. These seed oils enrich your skin from the outside. Let your skin absorb these vitamin-enriched seed oils and it will shine and radiate. Seeds can do amazing things for your … Read more

HAPPY NEW YEAR from PURU with 100% Natural Lip Balm

Puru Lip Balm is a special product with all natural ingredients Whether you want the intense CACAO, ROSE, or Blood Orange and Raspberry your lips will be in for a treat. This is one of our best products and our existing stocks sells out fast so make sure you buy yours now.

Gift Ideas From PURU

Why choose to give natural cosmetics to your loved ones? Here is 5 of the many reasons why. Unique & personalized. Natural cosmetics are unique gifts, as each piece is made with love, and among the various scents and premium ingredients, you will surely find the product you were looking for. Because with natural cosmetics … Read more