PURETERNIA Cleansing Oil

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UNIT VOLUME:100 (ml)

100% Natural Cleansing Oil removes make-up and impurities leaving skin soft and radiant.

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Deep Cleansing

Makeup Removal


Targets signs of aging

Nutrient Rich


Improves skin elasticity


Detoxifies skin

Healing and Rejuvenating

All skin types

Softens Skin

Sensitive skin safe

Fights free radicals

Fragrance free

Certified Organic Ingredients

Non-GMO Ingredients



Environmentally Friendly

Recyclable Container

Sustainable Packaging

No Allergens / No Irritating Ingredients / No Petroleum Ingredients / No Harmful Substances / No Synthetic Ingredients / No Alcohol / No Benzene

Step 1. Apply a few pumps of Natural Cleansing Oil onto your hand.

Step 2. Massage the Cleansing Oil onto your face.

Step 3. Re-apply more natural Cleansing Oil if needed.

Step 4. Wipe everything away with warm water and a clean towel.

Step 5. Continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

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