How to stay strong by reducing intake of toxins

Every day, our bodies encounter a lot of toxins, and although we can cope with some of them perfectly, they may be present in our bodies in such amounts that they cause well-perceived problems.

A few of the many problems toxins can cause in our bodies:

  • Toxins cause organ damage
  • Damage DNA, speed up the aging process
  • Cause hormonal dysfunction
  • Supersede structural minerals, resulting in weaker bones

Want to know how to minimize the amount of toxins you take in per day? Start with your skin! How about a skin firming product that is oil-based, absorbs with lightning speed, and enhances the skin’s natural renewal processes?

The PURETERNIA family, which has been proven to be effective, strengthens the skin’s functions, regulates the skin’s moisture content, and tightens it visibly thanks to its main active ingredients, such as seed oils and Vitamin E. The only thing it leaves behind is the silky smooth feeling on your skin.

One of the natural ways for toxins to leave the body is through sweating. Therefore, it is an important step to switch to a natural deodorant, otherwise, the toxins can stay inside your body. Check out our 100% natural deos that allow your body its detoxification while eliminating unpleasant odors.

Here are a few extra tips to effectively defend yourself against toxins:

  • Choose organic food whenever possible
  • Replace carpets, curtains, and synthetic bedding with natural materials such as hemp, organic cotton, wool, or bamboo
  • Use natural paint
  • Ventilate and have green plants
  • Choose natural or “green” cleaners, white vinegar, baking soda. They clean most things, otherwise buy natural cleaning products
  • Clean every week to control mold and bacteria
  • Replace plastic wherever possible with more natural materials

The toxins in our diet and hygiene products are considered to be the cause of sterility due to PCOS, early menstruation, decreased sperm count, and early (20 years) impotence in men. These toxins can also cause overweight, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes, which is why they are called endocrine disruptors.

Overall, detoxification is not difficult but vigilance is required:

  • Take care of what you put on your skin
  • Have a clean diet with not too much-processed foods
  • Clean house
  • Natural substances on you and around you as much as possible
  • Take care of your body so it can do its own detoxification work!