Should I Wear SPF Everyday?

The sun never takes a day off, and neither should you. Whether you should wear SPF everyday is a good question and it really depends on what you are doing and how exposed you are. Let’s dive in.  How the sun works There are quite a few factors when considering whether to wear sunscreen and … Read more

Is beeswax vegan?

The reasons why PURU use organic beeswax in our products PURU believes that when nature has given us an abundance of options widely available at our European doorstep, making truly nourishing skin and body care products is a labour of love that although doesn’t always come easy, ironically requires little changes to the formulations. We … Read more

Be smart in the sun with sunscreen

Is sunscreen the ultimate beauty product? but what’s your sunscreen made of? Everyone knows that sunscreen is the key to young, healthy skin. But what if you’re still trying to get your fill of vitamin D? There’s no need to be scared of the sun— 💡You just need to be smart about it.   The sun, … Read more

The ideal sun cream for the face and body

Finding the best sun protection for your skin type is not so easy. There are many interesting products on the market. A glance at the usually long list of ingredients is tedious and confusing. This raises questions: Which product is good for me and my skin type? Which ingredients are safe for me and the … Read more

Is your sunscreen safe to use?

We hear a lot about the harmful effects of UV rays so we protect ourselves with sunscreen. But is the sunscreen you’re using good for your health? Our PURU sunscreen only uses non-nano Zinc oxide so it does NOT contain Nanoparticles or nanotechnology. But what are the risks and benefits of using nanoparticles like zinc … Read more

Is your Chemical Sunscreen polluting rivers, oceans, lakes, reefs and seas?

Is your chemical sunscreen polluting the rivers, lakes and seas? Most commercially available sunscreen contains many chemicals, which can cause harm to the world’s rivers, lakes and seas. Check Ingredients Even sunscreen that looks natural, makes natural claims or says ‘BIO’ or ‘Organic’ can still be unsafe and you must check the ingredients. In reality, … Read more

Gift Ideas From PURU

Why choose to give natural cosmetics to your loved ones? Here is 5 of the many reasons why. Unique & personalized. Natural cosmetics are unique gifts, as each piece is made with love, and among the various scents and premium ingredients, you will surely find the product you were looking for. Because with natural cosmetics … Read more