Can using natural cosmetics help
boost your immune system?

“What the farmer doesn’t know, he will not eat”
Swiss proverb

Every day, wherever we are, our bodies are attacked by a multitude of infectious organisms. The immune system is responsible for recognizing and destroying these toxins.

Our natural defenses help protect our bodies from viruses, bacteria and the toxins they produce. If our immune system is not working properly, it is weak at defending attacks, and it is unable to fulfill its function.

Our responsibility is to at least eliminate or reduce those ingredients that we know about. In the case of food, our body has an advanced “shield” because our liver selects toxins from the food we eat.

However, the situation is different for substances absorbed through our skin, which are not filtered, so they get into the body without any obstacle. So to protect our immune system we have to pay as much attention to what we apply to our body as to what we consume.

Whilst traditional cosmetics usually contain artificial fragrance that can strongly clog pores, natural cosmetics do not contain any fragrance, so the your skin can more freely absorb the benefits of fresh quality ingredients.

Our advice is: “If you can’t pronounce or understand the ingredients in your products, don’t use them”