We are PURU Suisse


PURU Suisse was born out of frustration finding natural products in Switzerland and was founded as a company in 2018.

Our founder grew up on macro-biotic organic diet back in the 1980s before it was cool. A career in finance led to Zurich, Switzerland where he found it frustrating to find and buy natural cosmetic products he was used to. 

Our founder started making homemade natural products for himself by blending various base ingredients and oils. One experiment led to another and everyone loved the home made products made. The mission then started to help others learn more about the benefits of natural products. Today we serve customers worldwide with an international team from certified EU/ISO European production facilities & distribution centres in Switzerland and the EU.


The majority of body and skincare products today contain questionable ingredients and evidence suggests they can add toxicity and can cause damage to your skin. This can even lead to the unbalance of your body’s energy flow. We’re also frustrated at other natural looking body and skincare products that claim to be pure, but still contain ingredients potentially damaging to your body. At PURU, every product is 100% Natural and we’ve worked hard checking every ingredient in our production process to ensure you ONLY get the most natural body and skincare.


PURU is on mission to improve the cosmetic industry by using only natural ingredients, Biodegradable/recyclable containers, Sustainable Packaging and no nasty chemicals or any harmful artificial synthetic ingredients.

PURU also supports Clean Water and Shore initiatives.


Nothing makes us happier than our customers being 100% satisfied with our natural products. We have a dedicated team always there for its customers.


  • When you buy from us we’ll only deliver the best products and provide 100% customer satisfaction.
  • If you’re not completely satisfied with any product, no problem. You can contact us and we will do our best to resolve any questions or you can return it.
  • We care deeply about our customer happiness.
  • Our quality products speak for themselves.


Quality & Trust

You can trust PURU to only create products from the best quality and most natural ingredients.

Sustainability & Environment

PURU cares deeply about the sustainability of our products and materials to ensure their low impact on the environment.

Care & Satisfaction

PURU Cares about our customers health and well being. PURU also wants all customers to be satisfied with timely and quality delivery of products.

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